Fitting Guide

Step 1

Open the orthosis so all of the leather fasteners are clear for inserting the foot. Buckles should be placed to the inside of the foot.

Step 2

Holding the lower leg, gently slide the foot into place until the heel is snug against the back and bottom of the orthosis. Cotton socks that cover the foot and lower leg are recommended.

Step 3

Pull tongue horizontally against the ankle and hold in place with your thumb. Be sure the hole in the tongue is set above the middle strap.

Step 4

Buckle the middle strap snugly over the horizontal tongue. Snugly buckle the ankle strap.

Step 5

Look through the heel opening at the back of the orthosis to ensure the heel is fully down and back. If not, readjust tongue and middle strap.

Step 6

Once upper straps are tight and heel is snugly in place, buckle the toe strap and retighten the other straps if needed. Clip shoe onto the bar