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Prospective evaluation of the use of Mitchell shoes and dynamic abduction brace for idiopathic clubfeet. 

Abstract by:  Chong DY, Finberg NS, Conklin MJ, Doyle JS, Khoury JG, Gilbert SR

A New Dynamic Foot Abduction Orthosis for Clubfoot

Abstract by: Chen RC, Gordon JE, Luhmann SJ, Schonecker PL, Dobbs MB.

Are you dealing with an atypical clubfoot?

Treatment of the Complex Idiopathic Clubfoot

Abstract by:

Matthew B. Dobbs, MD Jose A Morcuende, MD Christina Gurnett, MD & Ignacio Ponseti, MD

photo of 3 month old infant with complex clubfoot

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Coloring page: “Story Time”

Coloring page: “Riding Trikes”

Coloring page: “Putting on the Brace”