“Our son Anthony, aged 13 months, has atypical clubfeet and has been wearing the Ponseti® AFO made by John Mitchell since he was 4 months old. When he first went into the shoes, his heels did not come down, but over a period of a few weeks in the shoes, they did come down. The shoes helped his feet to become less stiff. We saw Dr. Ponseti in March 2005, and he said to John Mitchell, ‘John, you should be congratulated—your shoes have helped this child’s feet.’ Anthony has never experienced a sore or blister, the shoes are so well designed and comfortable. We remain ever grateful to John Mitchell & Dr. Ponseti for designing these shoes, thus allowing Anthony’s feet to now function perfectly.

Thank you!”Stella and Philip Morris & family Woldingham, Surrey, United Kingdom

“I just wanted to write to you and tell you how happy we are with our Ponseti Clubfoot brace. My daughter was born with left clubfoot in 2004, and we attempted to use the Markell shoe. She cried all the time, and was always slipping out of the shoes. We felt terrible because we could not be successful, and ultimately stopped using it. When she began to relapse, we went to Dr. Ponseti this time. At age 2, early this summer, he re-casted and put her in your brace. She has never once complained about being in any discomfort. She sleeps just fine with it on, and calls it her “night-night shoes.” I can’t believe the difference. We are so appreciative of how easy it is to take these shoes on and off and how comfortable it is for her.”Julie Miller Appleton, WI