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The Ponseti method of clubfoot correction includes surgical transection of the Achilles tendon to correct for the equines deformity. The MD Orthopaedics “Tenotomy Practice Model” is designed for physicians and providers, trained in the Ponseti Method, to practice the necessary steps involved with the tenotomy procedure. The model is de- signed to accurately identify anatomic landmarks both positionally and palpably. The base foot mold is representative of a six month old baby’s foot. The model can be practiced both in the posterior upright or lateral position based on surgical preference. The synthetic skin and tendon material are designed to give appropriate feel and palpable feedback of the completed transection.

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The kit includes:

1 base foot mold
50 synthetic tendons
10 rubber bands (neurovascular bundle)
2 synthetic skin overlays
1 instructional video (coming soon)


Understanding of the anatomical relationships of the verti- cal talus deformity, from either congenital or iatrogenic etiology, is critical in assessing treatment options whether conservative or surgical. The MD Orthopaedics “Vertical Talus Model” was designed to give the proper anatomic orientation and relational disposition of the typically rigid, irreducible talonavicular dislocation that defines the de- formity. The model is representative of a child six months of age. The model includes a red colored talus bone for instructional orientation and the “NO” directive, by Dr. Pon- seti himself, over the calcaneo-cuboid joint.

The Vertical Talus Models can be purchased as as a set or can be purchased individually in the left or right.

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Medical teaching model to demonstrate proper correction of clubfoot deformity. Errors in the manipulation of the congenital clubfoot can easily be demonstrated with this model.

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Medical teaching model for practicing the proper application of plaster casts to maintain the correction obtained by manipulation. Cast application rubber legs come as a set of 4 which includes stage 1 and stage 2 in both left and right. Cast application rubber legs and stands may be purchased as a complete set or individually.

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Medical teaching model for illustrating the method and results of heel cord tenotomy procedure. This is a useful visual aid when discussing the procedure and expected results with the parent.

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Medical teaching model which illustrates the five stages of casting used in the Ponseti Method.

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